Pierluigi Penzo                                               glassmaster

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Pierluigi Penzo, 51 years old, 100% Venetian, and profoundly in love with the Umbria Region of Italy. As a child he became interested in glass and starter to work in Linda and Alessandro Grassis studio in Milan, one of the most famous artistic glass workshops in Italy. Here he continued working there for 10 years and acquired various glass techniques such as the medieval stained glass window, the lead technique , grisaille painting (a rarely known painting technique).
In 1983 he returns to the Veneto Region, continues working and begins his artistic cross-contamination with Murano (Venice) and its fused glass. Here he collaborates with various glass masters, in particular with Ruggero Costantin. Pierluigi develops a passion for experimenting with antique texts, rediscovering ancient firing, painting, and glazing techniques.

Pierluigi Penzo currently lives in Amelia (Italy), in the heart of Umbria. Here he continues to design and make sacred and profane stained glass windows for private interiors and churches. He also creates gift items, costume jewelry in fused Murano glass, and Venetian glass bead jewelry created by lampwork technique.


Since 1994 he is assisted by Angelita Francescangeli, a former student and now specialized collaborator in Venetian glass bead jewelry design. This jewelry is created with an ancient lampwork technique along with gold and silver leaf. This collaboration has permitted Pierluigi Penzos studio to attain high quality standards and become greatly appreciated throughout the world.



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