Pierluigi Penzo                                         glassmaster

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Here you will find links to purchase glass equipment, materials, articles and glass enthusiast associations. These are friends of mine!

Scuola del vetro Abate Zanetti Murano; great masters teach here !!

International Association of glass bead makers Ė various artists links and enthusiasts.

Stained Glass Artists Association Ė artistic stained glass artists and enthusiasts association. Many artists links, schools, museums, materials and equipment suppliers.

Sundance Art glass,US website were you can find just about anything from books to complete glass fusion kits and lampwork kits. Too bad the Italian customs adds a 33% customs tax to the original retail price.

Hobbyland is an Italian website. It has a lot of materials and equipment for working with glass. Itsí prices arenít very high. Recommended for the hobbyist or for anyone who is starting. You can purchase online, even small quantities; speedy delivery.

This is the website of an American stained glass window artist. He has created a very practical software to design stain glass windows. You donít need to know how to draw. You may access the entire database of drawings and designs and you can download a trial version.



Last but not least, Davide Penso, the master glassmaker. He creates highly original jewelry.


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