Pierluigi Penzo                                          glassmaster

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Ever since 1976 Pierluigi Penzo and his collaborators have been producing stained glass windows, These windows have enhanced and decorated private residences, public spaces of worship in and throughout Italy and the world. The latest of these works, a reproduction of Titian’s “Amore sacro e profano” 2006 (140 x 268 cm), is a collaboration with the glass master Ruggero Costantin, This piece has been exhibited in numerous galleries.

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Over the years Venetian beads have been produced by using the antique method from Murano (Venice), called “a lume”. This was a method that used an oil lamp in which air was blown into by way of a bellow. Nowadays, modern tools are used to create these beads. One by one the fused glass is rolled around a thin metal rod as new colors or gold/silver leaf is added.

we create one of a kind jewelry that is both luminous and unique in form.


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Instead of speaking about ‘glass fusion’, it is more correct to use the term ‘thermoforming’: the layering of different types of colored glass (in our case Murano glass) combined with fragments of glass, murrine and granules of avventurina glass. These layers are positioned on a firing body or refractory stone and heated to 750° and 850°c. At this temprature the layers melt together and can form various objects such as plates, trays, pendants, frames, etc. We have been producing “vetrofusion” for many years, creating various objects such as unique costume jewelry, mirrors, etc.

We combine our interest in experimenting new techniques with our extensive Venetian glassmaking knowledge. We continue to collaborate with Venetian Glass Masters along with Umbrian and Lazian Ceramists in an original and unique creative mix. In this way our products are competitive, both in quality and price, in a continually demanding market. Our products are preferred to analogous products produced by emerging countries such as India and China.

Frame (Murano fused glass applied to ground mirror, 70 x 90cm


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